Lexington is the largest town of Columbia, the largest city in South Carolina, with a population of about 25,000 people. The town was originally known as Saxe Gotha but was later named Lexington County in remembrance of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. The town is filled with beautiful antique brick buildings, some of which date back to 1894. Slightly north of the town, you will find Lake Murray, one of South Carolina’s major lakes. The lake is held by the Saluda Dam, which people are allowed to ride, run, walk or drive across. The town offers a relatively warm climate and in the summer, you can always spot people swimming in the public pool located next to the dam.


Things to do in Lexington SC

Lexington is packed with historical sites to visit and the town’s people are friendly and welcoming. While you are there, you can hire a car to drive around Lexington, but also make sure you can take long walks, because there is no better way to really see a town and experience its culture than on foot. Here are a few of the popular places to visit while in Lexington Sc. The best thing about them is that you can let your kids tag along with you and they will have the time of their lives while also learning about the culture of Columbia.


  • Lexington County Museum – If you want to have a better understanding of Southern culture, this museum in Lexington SC is the place to go. It is made up of 36 historic houses and outbuildings. It focuses on the Swiss and German heritage of Lexington showcasing Antebellum and Colonial period of the county. It hosts several artifacts from that period including furniture, pottery and quilts.
  • Saluda Dam – Located about 10 miles from Columbia, this dam brings many travelers to Lexington SC. When completed in 1930, Saluda Dam was considered the largest earthen dam in the world, creating the world’s largest man-made lake, Lake Murray. If you want to give your kids a geography lesson on how man-made lakes are formed, this would be one of the best places in the world to start.


  • Riverbanks Zoo and Garden – How about a day at the zoo?  This zoo and Garden, located in Lexington SC lies on 170-acre land. The zoo hosts a wide variety of over 2000 animals and recently held exhibits for African elephants, koalas and gorillas.  In the zoo, you will be able to visit Riverbank’s farm. Where you can feed the animals(domestic), Kangaroo Walkabout with red kangaroos and wallabies and the Ndoki Forest. The botanical garden is on 70-acre land with over 4200 species of native and exotic plants. It also hosts an aquarium which exhibits komodo dragons, false gharials and Galapagos tortoises.  The Waterfall Junction will have you and your family wishing that you lived outside in nature, with its exquisite beauty. It rests on 3-acres and has giant tree houses for kids, a life-size replica of a T-Rex and you can have fun going in and out of rabbit holes. is definitely an attraction for parents with children, couples or individuals who want to experience some serenity in nature.


  • Irmo Town Park –  Have a fun day outside with the kids at the park. You can play on the grass, walk on trails and children have a playground that they can have fun at.This park is perfect for picnics and photographs just be sure your photographer has a license to shoot there. If you want a serene environment where you can enjoy a good book under the shade of a tree, this is the place to go while in Lexington SC. Carry a boomerang or Frisbee to have a fun game with the kids. Everyone is so friendly here, you will be surprised that you’ll have a many other people to have a great time with.


  • Virginia Hylton Park – Located in downtown Lexington SC, this park is perfect for an afternoon stroll. The canopy of the trees makes for a shady feel with sunlight peeking through the branches. If this does not spell romance, I don’t know what does! The park has several picnic tables, a playground, stage, gardens and a trail.You will be serenaded by the sound of the streams flowing through the park. The park also has a special playground dedicated to handicapped children.


Schools in Lexington

If you have relocated to Lexington SC and are searching for a school for your child, the town has a lot to offer. Here is a list of some of the top schools in Lexington SC and their rankings:

(10) Lake Murray Elementary School – Public, Grades PK-5

(10) Pleasant Hill Middle School – Public, Grades 6-8

(10) New Providence Elementary School – Public, Grades K-5

(10) Rocky Creek Elementary School – Public, Grades PK-5

(10) Midway Elementary School – Public, Grades K-5

(9) Oak Grove Elementary School – Public, Grades PK-5

(9) Lexington Middle School – Public, Grades 6-8

(8) Lexington High School  – Public, Grades 9-12

(7) Lexington Elementary School – Public, Grades PK-5

(7) White Knoll Elementary School – Public, Grades PK-5


Safety in Lexington SC

If you are considering moving to Lexington SC, one of the things you should consider is if you and your loved ones will be safe. The violent crime comparison per 1000 residents in Lexington is 4.47 while the national median is 3.8. Property crime figures are 29.55 in Lexington compared to the 24.9 National average. Although these scores are slightly higher in Lexington than the national average, they are lower than the South Carolina average.


If you are looking to buy a house in Lexington, there are several new and refurbished houses that are in the market that will cater for your needs. Whether you want the cottage feel or a more modern townhouse, there are houses of every kind and for whatever size of your wallet. Click HERE to see a listing of those home!