Eating in the south has been termed a way of life, and Columbia excels at it. Lexington is a county found in Columbia, the largest city and state’s capital. From the southern comfort meals to the modern food truck fare, the options are numerous. You have a host of restaurants to choose from depending on the cuisine you want, entertainment, ambiance or convenience. Lexington, SC offers you a wide range of restaurants to choose from. Even if you’d like a fancy dinner as seen on one of those shows on the food channel, Lexington SC is the place to be.



Here are 10 restaurants you should definitely visit when you are in Lexington, SC.


Private Property

If you are looking to experience a real Southern meal in a classy but casual restaurant, Private Property should be top on your list. This restaurant was opened in 2013 in Lexington, SC by Trip Chalk, his wife and in-laws. It is located in a beautiful historic house that seems to encompass the spirit of the house. Private Property gives you a Southern dining experience with dishes such as Cajun crab cakes, classic seafood jambalaya and Mardi Gras. The restaurant offer deliveries all around the town.


Travinia Italian Kitchen and wine bar

This restaurant, located in Lexington SC, boasts a varied menu of contemporary American Italian cuisine. It also has an extensive gluten-free menu and a collection of carefully chosen wines. The ambiance in the restaurant is comfortable and stylish with the unrivaled desire to please. They serve a variety of clientele, from families, businessmen or groups of friends. Their dips, dressings and sauces are handmade and always fresh. Being part Italian, they offer a wide range of pasta and pizza menus and their signature Crabcake Travinia.


Flight Deck Restaurant and bakery

Ever wonder how it would feel to have a meal in the clouds? Flight Deck Restaurant and bakery in Lexington, SC offers you a fun outdoor dining with aviation décor. This is a wonder dedicated to those who love the skies at gives a real history lesson in aviation. The best thing about it is that they have a kid’s Fun Center. It can also host groups from 10 to 120 people. Its casual atmosphere is perfect to enjoy their traditional American entrees or an authentic Greek dish.


Keg Cowboy

This bar and restaurant, located in Lexington SC is the brainchild of husband and wife Brian and Natalie Nelson, opened in 2012. Their motto is “no crap on tap” and they ensure that this motto is followed by their amazing beer menu. Featured is the famous South Carolina’s River Dog and Maine’s Allagash Brewing Company. Their menu is inspired by Southern Cuisine and features meals suited for its beer lovers such as green bean salad and smoked pork hash.


Antai Gourmet Asian

Translated, Antai means “In good health”. Located in Lexington SC, the restaurant prides itself on their top quality ingredients, fresh cooking styles, diverse menus and uplifting atmosphere They have a diverse lunch and dinner menu including specials and a separate sushi menu.



This Japanese Restaurant and bar located in Lexington, SC is the perfect blend Asian cuisine and American comfort. It offers a relaxing contemporary Sushi bar where you can hang out with friends, have a nice dinner or surf the web. Ganbei offers a mean Sushi menu along with other delicious meals. You can find anything to tease your taste buds, from spinach Cheese Sticks to Hibachi dinners. Experience their spacious sushi bar as you enjoy seeing their culinary make your food.


Hudson’s Smokehouse BBQ

If you are looking for a Southern dining experience, you should try the Hudson’s Smokehouse BBQ in Lexington, SC. Just as their tagline goes: Taste the South in your Mouth with their delicious southern meals. This Smokehouse was featured on Turner South’s Blue Ribbon Award show as one of the top BBQ joints in the south. The Hudson’s Smokehouse BBQ is a family owned restaurant that started out as simple barbeques held in the family’s backyard. People heard about their delicious meets and with time, it grew into one of the best BBQ restaurants.


UNO Chicago Grill

Do not let the name of this restaurant fool you. It is located in Lexington SC but was born in Wabash in downtown Chicago. The restaurant started my one man old Italian recipes with the best spices, meats, vegetables and cheeses on a delicious deep dish crust, thus opening Pizzeria due just across the street. The two restaurants offer an edgy quick meal and exquisite dining experience.


The Mediterranean Cafe

Located in Lexington SC, this cosy cafe was opened in 2003, serving tasty Mediterranean fare including Greek, Italian and Middle Eastern delights. Choose from their wide selection of-of appetizers like baba ghanoush and bruschetta. Enjoy their entrees including shrimp scampi and chicken kabobs served with rice and Greek salad. While there, make sure you taste their desserts, including their baklava – a Fin pastry-based dish with honey and nuts.


The Farmer’s Shed

Straight from the farm, onto your plate. This restaurant, located in Lexington SC, boasts of having the freshest of produce owing that it’s a market and a restaurant. Husband and wife, Clinton and Shirley Sease, started the restaurant when they decided to expand their farm, Clinton Sease Farm. The farm is located just next door to the restaurant. It has a menu that changes daily but you can expect to see dishes such as fried chicken liver, meatloaf and fried catfish featuring. Their sides include stewed squash and onions, cornbread salad and green beans. If you have the time, take a walk around the market and buy some groceries to dry your own exquisite dishes at home.


These are but some of the restaurants you can find in Lexington. Take a walk or drive around the town and you are sure to find some hidden gems.