Single Story Homes for Sale

Why buy a single-story home? Single-story homes have many benefits to them that distinguish them from multilevel housing.

  1. Single story homes help to ensure the safety of both children and Seniors. From not having to climb the stairs to a bedroom everyday as you get older to keeping young children and toddlers safe from slipping or falling down the stairs.
  2. Having a Single-story home keeps the electricity costs down in the summer and in the winter time. Instead of trying to cool or heat two levels of your home, you only have to worry about a single level, which makes it easier to control the air flow.
  3. It’s easier to clean! Instead of lugging that vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs and trying to reach those hard to get places high up, you don’t have to work as hard to keep your house clean.
  4. You’re lazy. It’s ok to admit! The thought of having to climb up and down those stairs all the time, not to mention dragging your laundry up and down every week, makes us even feel tired!
  5. While single-story house are more expensive to build, they often are sold for a lot more. A lot of time you can list your single-story home for a higher price than the multi-level house in your neighborhood!


Columbia, SC

Museums, City Life, Zoo's, College Football and more!

The city of Columbia is the capital of South Carolina and the largest city in the State with a population of 129,272. The city itself has a colorful history dating back to the 1500s, it was made the state capital in 1790. The city is filled with beautiful historic homes and sites that help to give it that distinctive southern feel.

The city is located in almost the exact center of South Carolina, making it an easy drive to the city of Charleston, Greenville and Myrtle Beach. You can easily put on your swim suits and be at the beach in a little under two hours!

Columbia today has many great activities for the family and for adults! From the State Museum, the River Walk, the Vista, the beautiful State Capital Building and to many other activities to do downtown!

Lexington, SC

Urban living, Lake Murray, Saluda Shoals and more!

Lexington is the largest town of Columbia, the largest city in South Carolina, with a population of about 25,000 people. The town was originally known as Saxe Gotha but was later named Lexington County in remembrance of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. The town is filled with beautiful antique brick buildings, some of which date back to 1894. Slightly north of the town, you will find Lake Murray, one of South Carolina’s major lakes. The lake is held by the Saluda Dam, which people are allowed to ride, run, walk or drive across. The town offers a relatively warm climate and in the summer, you can always spot people swimming in the public pool located next to the dam.

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