Strangest Homes in South Carolina

Tito Justo
Tito Justo
Published on October 13, 2017

There are time when you are driving down the road and you pass by a house that just seems out of place in the neighborhood. It doesn’t matter which state you are in, there are oddities in every neighborhood when it comes to real estate. You always wonder who made them and why they are built in such weird ways but it can be hard to find answers to those questions!


We did a little research to help quell that curiosity for the time being and found 3 of the more strange homes in South Carolina. Enjoy!

1. The Round House



The first house we will start with is on Sullivan’s Island. The “Round House” is an odd house to behold at first, but when you know the reason it is round it starts to make sense.

The house is round to help during hurricane season and was built in response to Hurricane Hugo destroying a new home that the couple that lives here built. You can read more about their story here →

2. Mudgock Castle

This home was built right next to Fort Moultrie, which is part of the Fort Sumter National Monument.  It’s history reaches back to 1776 for this piece of land and has a long history.

This home was built back in 1892 to replace an old chapel and became known as the Chapel of the Holy Cross. In 2002 a developer purchased the property and restored and renamed it to Mudgock castle. A very unique building in South Carolina. Check out more of its history here →



3. Lake Keowee

This home is a great oddity in the area it is. Located on Lake Keowee, this castle like building is beautiful.

The building is completely built from stone that came from a failed development in asheville. Learn more about this home here →

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