It’s spring! The long wait through the cold of winter is finally over! You finally feel energized to start spring cleaning, taking that long-awaited vacation or even a quick trip to the beach! No matter what your plans are, spring is a great time to start new and finish off items on your to-do-list! Like searching for that new home you’ve been thinking about for some time now.

Before you go and buy that new house, here are some things you should do when searching for that new home!

Top 5 Things to Know for Spring Home Buyers


1. Location: Sure, you may have found that perfect home, but it could be a long commute back and forth to work everyday! The cost of going back and forth to work everyday is something that a lot of don’t think about very often, but it really adds up over the course of a year. Check HERE to see how much your commute from your new home could cost you per year!2.

2. Market Outlook: Sure, it might be the perfect price for you at the time. But what does the current market say your house will be worth in 5 to 10 years? Even though you are buying a new home, it is always important to look to the future in case of any unforeseen events in your future.




3. Visit Several Houses: It’s always good to be able to have a list of options to choose from. The same can be applied when it comes to looking for a new home. The more you research and visit different style homes, the better informed decision you will be able to make. That even means looking at a home that you might not think you’ll like at first. You might surprise yourself.


4. Paperwork: Like anything that goes along with being an adult, there is a lot of paperwork and forms to go through to buy that new home. The best advice is to not get stressed over it but find a good agent that can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. That way you can spend more time at the beach, instead of worrying about getting all that paperwork done.

5. Home Warranty: Are you a first-time buyer? Or are you purchasing an older home? It may be a good idea to get a home warranty to start off with. A home warranty will help to cover any unexpected major system or appliance breakdown. The washing machine could break and leak water all over the floor, your pipes could freeze over and burst during the winter or your plumbing could back up. Having a home warranty will help to save you from fixing it yourself or hiring a contractor to do it for you. Find out more about home warranties HERE.

Spring can be such an energizing time of the year, and so can buying a new home!

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